The Top Reasons to Go Vegan in 2020

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With everything happening in the world today, updating your diet is probably at the bottom of your list of priorities—if it’s on the list at all! Still, the foods we eat have lasting impacts on our health and the world’s health. Additionally, if we are more careful in selecting which brands to support, we’re bound to make a world of difference. Who all benefits from a vegan lifestyle, and why should you transition to one?

Saving the Planet

Nutriciously’s feature article on the benefits of a vegan lifestyle summarizes the top benefits with a few simple statistics:

“Did you know that each day, a person who eats a vegan diet saves 1,100 gallons of water, 45 pounds of grain, 30 sq ft of forested land, 20 lbs CO2 equivalent, and one animal’s life?”

A 2019 report found that traditional “meat and potatoes” diets harm the environment. In particular, the livestock industry is detrimental to our planet; livestock industry trends can be traced to global warming, biodiversity loss, and the siphoning of water and other resources.

A vegan lifestyle does more than impact how we eat and live—it impacts greenhouse gas levels, global acidification, erosion, and resource depletion. The faster we can cut meat and other animal-based products out of our lives, the sooner we can ensure a livable world for the next generation.

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Caring for Pets During a Heat Wave

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With temperatures in the 90s and above heating up the U.S., it’s essential to make sure our furry friends are cool and comfortable. Summer is never an easy time for pet owners, especially when a cat’s warm coat sheds, and dogs beg to go for their midday walk. Instead of exposing your pets to the hot and humid dog days of summer, make sure you give them the care they deserve!

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

Water is vital for every living creature, and that includes your pets! Check that water dishes are full of fresh water each day and wash them regularly.

To encourage water intake, offer wet food to pets. Canned wet foods are easy to eat and can be served cold—perfect for hot days! If pets are picky about what goes into their dishes, invest in a mini water fountain. Cats are known to enjoy drinking running water as opposed to stagnant water. A fountain is an inexpensive way to fulfill that natural need to drink from a flowing source.

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Extinct Animal Spotlight: Woolly Mammoth

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The woolly mammoth went extinct about 10,500 years ago. Scientists have floated numerous theories about what killed off these close relatives to modern African elephants. These hypotheses range from over-hunting to a period of rapid climate change that ended the last Ice Age abruptly, destroying the natural habitat of the species.

New evidence based on genetic studies of woolly mammoth remains suggests weakened genetics may have been a significant contributor to their demise. In a 2017 study, genomic analysis showed that many woolly mammoths suffered from various diseases, including diabetes, reduced fertility, and perhaps even loss of smell. The latter would have made them less capable of finding their favorite foods.

According to Rebekah Rogers, an assistant professor at the University of North Carolina., this high rate of disease was likely produced by inbreeding. She said her team’s data shows breaks in genetic material that were more numerous than expected. The genes also displayed high levels of mutations.

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Politician Spotlight: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s ascent within the Democratic Party has been incredible to observe over the last few months. She quickly transcended into the spotlight due to her much deserved victory in New York’s 14th Congressional District, which unseated Joe Crowley, the fourth-ranking House Democrat. After securing victory in the general election, she has made history. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is the youngest woman elected to Congress, at just 29 years old. This does not, by any means, imply that she is inexperienced, as many conservatives are suggesting. She is more than fit for the position, and I personally anticipate the impact she will have when she takes office.

A native of the Bronx, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was born in October of 1989 and spent her early years there. Her family later moved to Yorktown Heights, in Westchester County so she could access a better school district. She graduated from Yorktown High School in 2007 and went on to study International Relations and Economics at Boston University, graduating cum laude in 2011.

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Animal Rights Activists and Movements Working to Change the World

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Animals, both domestic and wild, are sentient beings who think, feel, love, and communicate. As such, they are deserving of our love, respect, and protection. Whether a companion animal, a farm animal, or a wild animal, there is much that humans can do to enrich and defend the amazing creatures that we share our lives and planet with.

Animal rights activists play a vital role both in bringing the plight of suffering animals to widespread attention and in changing policies so that the rights of animas are honored. There are top animal rights activists in many fields, including the entertainment industry and the scientific community. We can learn valuable lessons from all of them.

There are many contemporary celebrities using their platforms and money to fight for animal rights. Actress Tippi Hedren established The Shambala Preserve in 1983 as a sanctuary for exotic felines such as lions and servals, and she helped in the passage of The Captive Wildlife Safety Act (2003) which limits private ownership of big cats in the USA.